Portativ spiker BANG & OLUFSEN Beosound A5 Dark Oak

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    Beosound A5
    Sophisticated sound for the entire home in a compact, beautiful format that can move from room to room and out in the garden.
    Beosound A5

    • Modular design that is built to last
    • Four custom drivers for true 360° sound
    • AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Bluetooth 5.2, Stereo Pairing, Beolink Multiroom, Spotify Connect
    • Go far with more than 12 hours play time
    • 4 custom drivers, 280 watts
    • Fits room sizes 10-50 m2
    • IP65 dust- and water resistant
    • Wood handle crafted in Denmark
    Nordic Weave

    Natural aluminium frame with woven paper fibre and handmade oak handle
    Dark Oak

    Black Anthracite aluminium frame with dark oak covers and handle crafted in Denmark
    Portability? Handled

    A5 builds incredible soundscapes in every room, balcony, or park. Enjoy 12 hours of cordless music and wireless charging for your phone. All packed in a IP65 water resistant construction you’ll be proud to carry everywhere
    Brings the bass.
    Reads the room.

    Four custom drivers for true 360-degree sound. The most powerful custom-made woofer in any of our portable speakers. All powered by individual digital amplifiers and advanced signal processing with room compensation for the highest fidelity in any room. You won’t just hear A5 – you’ll feel it
    • 360-degree sound
    A5 is made to be social. With drivers playing in all directions, A5 is easy to place and involve everyone in the show
    • Beamforming technology
    Advanced DSP technology trickled down from our flagship speakers controls the sound with incredible precision for wide immersion or narrow precision
    • Beosonic Equalizer
    Adjust the sound to your preference. Advanced algorithms developed by our acoustic team allow you to explore different audio spaces in the app
    Form and fidelity

    A5 epitomises the best of design and materials. Real oak and rich aluminium make for a tactile experience. Everything crafted with the highest precision and longevity in mind
    • Fine oak. Crafted in Denmark
    The elegant handles and the Dark Oak cover are finely crafted in family owned wood shops in Denmark
    • Aluminium frame
    A5 features a precisely crafted aluminium frame at the top on bottom. Finished with a soft-touch top surface, A5 is free from hard plastics
    • Design collaboration with GamFratesi
    GamFratesi worked closely with our design team to co-create the foundation on which the final product was built. Together, their contributions have resulted in a stunning, timeless piece of audio design
    Ahead of the game.
    And the times

    A5 isn’t just built to last – it’s built to evolve. Replace parts over time instead of replacing the whole speaker, and upgrade your system as new features become available to make your music experience better and better
    • Modular construction
    Beosound A5 can be disassembled into essential components. This way, it can be serviced instead of replaced. And the materials can easier enter a new cycle
    • Designed to last
    Beosound A5 comes with a 3-year limited warranty. And out of warranty doesn’t mean out of luck: If ever needed, parts can be replaced and serviced
    • Made to stay updated
    Looking for an update? Don’t buy new. A5’s appearance can be changed with just 3 components while software updates will unlock new features
    Mix. Match. Magic.

    Stereo-pair two A5 for full immersion, or connect to any compatible wireless systems to orchestrate music in every room. A5 is primed to bring it all together.
    Built on our powerful Mozart platform, Beosound A5 supports all common streaming technologies to make your life easier. Just add Beosound A5 to your existing Wi-Fi audio system or start here
    • BeolinkMultiroom
    • Airplay2
    • Chromecast
    • SpotifyConnect
    • Bluetooth5.2
    Easy to control

    Intuitive controls will allow the entire family to change track and turn up the volume.

    Charge your phone

    Running low on battery? Place your phone the wireless charger and stay in control of the music.

    Instant music

    Can’t decide? You’re only one click away from your favourite radio station or playlist.

    Inspired by contrasts

    The aesthetics of Beosound A5 were inspired by contrasts: By the light and dark, rugged and delicate, at home and away.
    Nordic Weave has a lightness to its look and carries a heavy-weight sound. From the intricate history of Scandinavian design comes the pure simplicity of a woven string. It draws inspiration from both classic furniture in the home and raffia nets made to bring on adventures.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum is Dark Oak. The deep wood looks like it was made for both the dining room and the mountain cabin. Both versions share a compact enclosure: Dark Oak is framed in anthracite black while Nordic Weave has the shimmering halo of natural aluminium.
    The frame gives a clear identity and great flexibility for changing the covers. That’s how Beosound A5 can fit in anywhere and go with everything. It has aesthetics to capture diverse contrasts. And bridge them for flexible living
    Perfect symmetry, natural diversity.

    Perfect symmetry is mostly artificial. Nature is full of imperfections. That’s why we carefully select the Dark Oak and critically inspect each piece of wood. Because perfectly repeating patterns look fake. it’s the same reason that Nordic Weave’s hidden beauty is in the varying thickness of the woven string and the slight variance in the flow of the lines: To increase the emotional experience of the flawlessly crafted aluminium against the unpredictable nature of nature.
    The woven string of Nordic Weave is in itself a beautiful blend of opposing ideas. At its core, it’s made from paper. Some might think it’s a flimsy or fragile material. But when crafted and woven, it becomes surprisingly strong and flexible. Together, Dark Oak and Nordic Weave make a beautiful couple and marry perfect symmetry with natural diversity. That’s how the history of craftsmanship is intertwined with modern technology. How contrasts meet to become more than the sum of their parts. And make materials mean the most.
    Beosound A5 Features and tech specs

    • Room-filling 360o sound
    • Four custom drivers with individual amplifiers
    • RoomSense (Active Room Compensation)
    • Proximity Stereo Pairing (TBC for launch)
    • Fluid Sweet Spot (TBC for launch)

    Streaming & Battery
    • Stream on Wi-Fi with AirPlay 2, Chromecast or Beolink
    • Easily connect to Bluetooth when you’re away
    • Fast access to radio and playlists with favourite buttons
    • More than 12 hours play time on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Power bank with Qi wireless phone charging

    Design & Materials
    • Oak handles and cover made in Denmark
    • IP65 water- and dustproof*
    • Built to be serviced instead of replaced
    • Replaceable covers and handle
    *Wood parts and woven cover may be damaged by water
    Bang & Olufsen x GamFratesi
    Mozart 2.0
    Wireless Technology
    Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 Ultra-Wide-Band
    Stereo Pairing
    Yes (Beolink, AirPlay 2, Chromecast)
    Outer Materials
    Oak wood, paper weave, aluminium, polymer, silicone
    Yes, for room compensation
    Frequency Range
    32-23.000 Hz
    Max SPL (Bass SPL)
    101 dB (80 dB)
    1 x 5.25” woofer 2 x 2.0” midrange 1 x 3⁄4” tweeter
    Size (L x H x W)
    28,5 x 18.74 x 13 cm
    3,7 kg
    9000mAh serviceable battery pack More than 12 hours play time
    Power Supply
    Charging brick included
    Beosound A5 Packaging

    Beosound A5 comes in our new, refreshing packaging to emphasis luxury with simple, elegant visuals and graphics.
    Included in box:
    • Beosound A5
    • Power supply
    • Fabric USB-C cable
    • Quick Start Guide

    Weight & Dimensions:
    • Master carton dimensions: 420 x 280 x 325mm
    • Inner carton dimensions: 405 x 265 x 300mm
    • Master carton gross weight: 6.2KG


    Akkumulyatordan əməliyyat müddəti
    12 saat
    Batareyanın həcmi
    9000 mA/saatda
    Məhsulun növü
    Multimedia - Speaker Wi-Fi
    Beosound A5
    Sistem növü
    Portativ spiker
    Tezlik xüsusiyyəti
    Daxili cihazlar
    Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger, Mikrofon
    Pairing, BeoLink Multiroom, Chromecast, Active Room Compensation, AirPlay 2
    IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6
    Bluetooth 5.2
    Sistem komponentləri
    4 Speakers
    Siqnal/səs nisbəti
    101 desibel
    Sistem komponentləri
    (1 x 0.75")
    (2 x 2")
    Aşağı tezlikli dinamika
    (1 x 5.25")
    Qabaritlər və çəki
    285 mm
    187.4 mm
    130 mm
    3.7 kq
    Əlavə məlumat
    Adi rəng
    Cihazın yerləşməsi
    Xarici (avtonom)
    Dəstə daxil aksessuarlar
    Qidalanma adapteri
    Dark Oak
    Zəmanət müddəti
    36 ay
    Zəmanətin qiymətləndirmə meyarı
    Seriya nömrəsi
    Qidalanma blokunun yerləşməsi







    Portativ spiker BANG & OLUFSEN Beosound A5 Dark Oak
    2 189 AZN
    2 629 AZN