Installment and Credit

When purchasing on credit in the iSpace online store, you will not have to pay anything fill out. Our consultants will fill out all the documents for you. And the courier will bring you the finished contract with your order.

Our company works with installment cards from the following banks

•  Installment plan 0% - you do not overpay a single AZN for your purchase. We provide customers with installment plans for various equipment.

•  Birbank (Kapital Bank)             

•  TamKart (ABBank)

•  Leo Bank

•  Ucard (Unibank)

•  Bolkart (Bank of Baku)

•  Worldcard (Bank of Baku)

•  Ferrum Capital - this loan provides the widest range of goods. You can use it to buy any product. And you can take out a Standard loan for period from 6 to 12 months.